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      Youve twisted things that happened to fit what you wanted to believe, argued Larry.

      Theyre gliding!

      Their pilot was skillful at coursing in such a direction and at such a height that he could skim low over the water crafts radio mast and come almost to stalling speed while Sandy cast the note overside.


      Sandy, Dick and Larry had left the room by the time he completed his sentence.


      If I ever get the money to take flying lessons, Larry said, I know the pilot Im going to ask to give me instruction! When I can make a forced landing like that one, Jeff, Ill think Im getting to be a pilot.Ho-ho-ha-ha! All the t-time, we were like mice racing around a treadmill. Dick had to speak between chuckles. All the time we ran around in circles so fast we didnt see the end of the cage. Sussuspicious Sandy! Thinking we would be trapped and held for ransom! Ho, golly-me! Look around you, Sandy!


      I am not aware that any one has defined what constitutes civil engineering, or mechanical engineering, as distinguished one from the other, nor is it assumed to fix any standard here [14] farther than to serve the purpose of explaining the sense in which the terms will be used; yet there seems to be a clear line of distinction, which, if it does not agree with popular use of the terms, at least seems to be furnished by the nature of the business itself. It will therefore be assumed that mechanical engineering relates to dynamic forces and works that involve machine motion, and comprehends the conditions of machine action, such as torsional, centrifugal, intermittent, and irregular strains in machinery, arising out of motion; the endurance of wearing surfaces, the constructive processes of machine-making and machine effect in the conversion of materialin short, agents for converting, transmitting, and applying power.


      There is, perhaps, no more fitting conclusion to these suggestions for apprentices than a word about health and strength. It was remarked in connection with the subject of drawing, that the powers of a mechanical engineer were to be measured by his education and mental abilities, no more than by his vitality and physical strength, a proposition which it will be well for an apprentice to keep in mind.