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      She did not start, and scarcely blushed, but looked at him a little timidly.

      She paused on the threshold of the room, as if she feared she was intruding; but at a sign from Trafford, as the three men rosefor the duke would rather have died in his chair than remain seated when a lady entered the roomshe came forward, and offered her cheek to Trafford and Lord Selvaine.

      There was never an evening that did not have to end, and at last the gentlemen began to make a show of leaving. But then came a lively chat, all standing in a bunch. To-morrow's procession, the visitors said, would form in Canal Street, move up St. Charles, return down Camp Street into Canal, pass through it into Rampart, take the Bayou Road and march to a grand review away out in the new camp of instruction at the Creole Race-Course. Intermediately, from a certain Canal Street balcony, Flora would present the flag! the gorgeous golden, silken, satin battle standard which the Callenders and others had helped her to make. So--good-night--good-night.


      Dogs Ear is going to put up the coach at the Gulch, he said. Dont shout and dont laugh, for, after a moment of incredulous astonishment, some of them opened their mouths as if to greet the statement with a contemptuous guffaw. Its a fact; William overheard those two fellows yesterday. See? Right! Now, boys, for the plan of attack. You, Taffy, and MacGrath will ride round the bend and get behind the clump of trees on the left side of the road. Go right round, and keep a sharp lookout. Benson and Karl will keep a quarter of a mile this side, and wait in the hollow; Bill and I will hide ourselves on the other side of the Gulch. If all goes well, and Dogs Ear doesnt smell a rat, theyll drop on the coach as it passes over the bridge. It will take them a minute or two to put up the coach, and well wait until theyre engaged in the business, and drop on them. Wait till you hear me fire, and then ride in. Got it?


      Why dont somebody take the old man home? he said, aggrievedly. I aint said nothing agin her. Its only natural as a fine lady should forget such a crew as us and such an all-fired hole as this.Norman passed from jokes to legitimate gossip, and kept Esmeralda amused, as he thought, until the ladies left the room; then he drank off a glass of wine and fell back in his chair, like an actor who has played his part for all he knows.


      Varley nodded again.