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      "Mr. Gibbs"--he said as he wrote--"I have the sprout of a notion that you and Mr. Lafontaine would be an ornament to a field-battery I'm about to take command of. I'd like to talk with you about that presently." He tore out the page he had written and beckoned the Gascon aside:Yes; looks bad, doesnt it? he said, scornfully. II suppose you say he saw mekiss her.

      Varley said nothing. He felt that if Esmeralda were to die, it mattered little whose fault it was; the burden of her death would lie upon hisVarleyssoul forever.

      Esmeralda, listen to me; I understand now; I know all you feel. I will not ask you who told youhow you discovered the truth. It is the truthpartly. Esmeralda, it was the desire of the moneyand I curse it now as you dothat led me to yield.

      Our travellers were minus their outriders now. At dawn the squad, leaving tender apologies in the night's stopping-place, had left the ladies also, not foreseeing that demoralized servants would keep them there with torturing delays long into the forenoon. When at length the three followed they found highways in ruin, hoof-deep in dust and no longer safe from blue scouts, while their infantry boy proved as innocent of road wisdom as they, and on lonely by-ways led them astray for hours. We may picture their bodily and mental distress to hear, at a plantation house whose hospitality they craved when the day was near its end, that they were still but nine miles from Clinton with eleven yet between them and Big Black Bridge.

      Lady Wyndover, I am going to tell you what no one but Esmeralda knows as yet. It is true that I once asked her to be my wife


      Mine!Well, I suppose I am, said Esmeralda, with a little laugh, for it struck her as comical that she should be the Duchess of Belfayre. But it doesnt much matter, does it, seeing that Im a prisoner here? Then suddenly a thought flashed upon her. Do you think they want money? she asked. Because, if so


      With keen sympathy the detective, in the pack, enjoyed the play of Hilary's face, where martial animation strove inspiringly against a torture of dashed hopes. Glancing aside to Flora's as she turned from Anna, he caught there no sign of the storm of joy which had suddenly burst in her bosom; but for fear he might, and to break across his insight and reckoning, she addressed him.