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      "I can't tell you to order," he grumbled, manlike. "It must come of itself."


      "You'll soon get a fresh start, now ... You're driving just as fast as ever!"Not quite half the men faced the wrong way, turning to the left instead of the right, which was doing pretty well for a starter.

      Si threw off his traps and dropped on the ground to rest a few minutes. He got up presently to scratch around with the rest. As he took hold of his haversack he was surprised at its lightness. When he laid it down it was bulging out with sweet potatoes, and a glance showed him that these were all gone.

      "This hasn't got what I want?" she said. "May I see another?"

      A thirsty crowd gathered around him, but sales were slow, on account of the scarcity of money. Si and Shorty mingled with the boys, and then drew aside and engaged in a whispered consultation.




      "Why, nothing!" he said with an air of surprise."You done good work in keepin' the other boys offen 'em, Si," said he. "I was afraid you wouldn't. The only thing I've got agin Co. Q is that the boys will steal. Otherwise they're the nicest kind o' boys."