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      "Soles, plaice, and dabs,Well, I hope hell get a good meal this evening, said Mrs Keeling. Hes taking his supper with us.

      "Aye, aye, my good 'squire," said the baron, still in a laughing tone, "your illness, I am told, gave you a most outrageous appetitedoubtless your feeble constitution needed strengthening! Come, come, man, it is but a jokenever look so blank; yet, if we laugh, there is no reason why those knaves should stand grinning there from ear to ear. Bid the senior vassal advance."

      The remnants of his family were in a front pewPete with an elaborately curled forelock, Jemmy casting the scent of cheap hair oil into the prevalent miasma of camphor and moth-killer, and between the two boys, Caro in an unbecoming hat which she wore at a wrong angle, while her dark restless eyes devoured Rose's creamy smartness, from her satin shoes to the wave of curling-irons in her hair. Harry had been left at homehe was in an impossible mood, tormented by some dark current of memory, wandering from room to room[Pg 258] as he muttered"Another weddinganother weddingwe're always having weddings in this house."



      "Go away. Go away to where you've come from. I shan't let you in.""I w?an't have no hemmed poetry in my family!" stormed Reuben, for Albert had as usual stage-managed a "scene." "You've got your work to do, and you'll justabout do it."


      Poor parson has no business to indulge himself, he said, and blew the inhaled smoke up the chimney in a gay puff.